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Terms & Conditions

The following agreement is an integral part of this contract. No modification or variation is accepted without written consent by Ambient Venue Services. 

1. Ambient Venue Services promotes its services through the use of real life videos and photographs taken from each event. These are posted on our website and on social media sites. It is understood that Ambient Venue Services is given permission to use any or all recorded or photographic materials for advertising, display or other relevant marketing, unless you specify otherwise upon booking any of our services.

1a. Keep in mind that while we'll work closely with all suppliers and vendors, we cannot be held responsible or liable for any issues caused by them.

2. Ambient Venue Services will make every effort to produce quality music, but are not held responsible for factors beyond it's control like poor sound conditions, weather and technical issues.

3. Ambient Venue Services reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time due to death, injury, serious illness or extreme weather restricting travel. In this scenario, Ambient Venue Services will inform the client as soon as possible using the contact details provided and offer a full refund of the payment/deposit made with no additional liability. Ambient Venue Services will always try to offer an alternative solution to the client before proceeding with a cancellation.

4. Ambient Venue Services photography, videos , website / social media content and any other promotional materials can not be used by other companies for the benefit of their business purposes without permission.

5. Ambient Venue Services can only confirm a booking once the client has made the agreed deposit payment. Any communication prior with the client does not mean dates or the actual booking is confirmed.

6. All deposits are non refundable which covers the initial costs of the consultation, time, and travel including booking other relevant parties.

7. Payment: The total cost of the booking becomes due no later than 1 week prior to the date of the event. Or at an agreed date.

8. Music services will be at the discretion and judgment of Ambient Venue Services. Any requests for additional work following the agreement may be liable to an additional agreed fee.

9. Requested music on the day that is not detailed in your booking may be charged at an additional rate. Any such payments are required to be settled prior to delivery of the final service.

10. Privacy is important. Your personal details will not be made available or sold to other companies

11. Physical or Verbal abuse to any member of the Ambient team will not be tolerated and will lead to all services being stopped without any liability to Ambient Venue Services.

12. Quotes are valid for 3 days unless otherwise stated.

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