Romantic Slow Dance

Music Packages

From English weddings to ethnic cultures our music packages have been a great choice for many bride and grooms. Also by combining multiple music services under one roof it saves you time and money. 

The build up to your special day also starts from the moment you sign the register. Having a live instrument like the violin, guitar or a singer is the perfect special touch as you walk down the aisle. We can also combine backing tracks to suit your wedding needs.

Let's combine 3 in 1

Entertaining you and your guest 

Ali has been coordinating & MC for weddings for over 20 years. But his talent on the violin has been requested by many bride and grooms who want that extra special touch to their special day. Ali has a unique way of playing and his violin sound gives you a warm feeling that touches the heart, creating memories for years ahead. He is also versatile and can adapt to many cultures.

Registry, drinks reception, dinner music, private events

From live music to backing tracks to keep the ambience going.
PA sound system included for live music or ambient back ground entertainment.
From walking down the aisle to the signing of the register. We will ensure your favourite songs are accommodated from start to finish.
Entertaining different cultures on your wedding day.