Cheering the Bride

Wedding Entrance

Only available within our music packages or services.

In todays multi cultural society more and more bride and grooms have become custom to wanting something different and exciting for their wedding entrance. The Davul Zurna has become an essential part that provides that vital service. Also popular for mixed marriages our services can be adapted to suit your culture, ensuring that you and your wedding guests have a night to remember.

Davul Zurna (Drum & Flute) Wedding Entrance

The Davul Zurna or the Drum and Flute is the traditional part of a wedding entrance and indicates that the bride and groom are ready to make their grand wedding entrance. Also there is the option to have up to two drummers making it popular with many, Arab, Greek, Turkish and most ethnic cultures.

Lets make it special

Every wedding is unique and we are at hand to help and organise how your wedding entrance is going to be. In particular for mixed marriage weddings our sound is clean and effective for all cultures to enjoy.

Amazing Davul Zurna Entrance

Its such a great feeling and special when you take your first step into your wedding entrance.  Nevber & Gareth had an amazing davul zurna wedding entrance. It was also great seeing their guests join in making their wedding extra special.

Davul Zurna Wedding Entrance

So so enjoyed Feri & Christopher's wedding entrance. We could not stop playing the davul & zurna for them and loved seeing everyone have a great time.

Davul Zurna Wedding Entrance

What a great atmosphere for Natalie & Mathew wedding. Their guests loved the davul zurna and gave them the impact they wanted for their special day.